The globalization of business and the need to protect corporate assets as well as to appropriately evaluate personal matters have fueled the demand for specialized investigative and intelligence and risk assessment services. Sooner or later you will be required to assess critical information about a group or corporation, a new business in an unknown market, competitor market advantage, risk potential, or an individual to allow you to make a sound confident decision about your next course of action.

Clients hire us for unbiased factual information and analysis to keep well informed in their professional transactions as well as personal matters.


U.S. corporate fraud scandals and legislated requirements for corporate self-governance have mandated corporate directors ensure effective responses to allegations of fraud. Effective corporate investigations must be conducted in a fashion that builds credibility with regulators, shareholders, employees, customers, and the media. We have extensive experience investigating corporate issues.

We have as well extensive experience assisting individual clients in their important financial and personal matters and our investigative findings have enabled them to make informed decisions.


In today’s business marketplace, executives must remain cautious, demonstrate compliance with new laws and regulations, and manage bureaucracy while still maintaining their competitive and entrepreneurial edge. They also must know with whom they are dealing before making critical business decisions. Consequently, they need someone to provide the research that they and or their associates do not have the time or capacity to conduct.

Individuals also require intelligence and risk assessment research in their personal lives and we have successfully assisted our clients when facing a myriad of complex decisions by providing them with informative research helping them make more successful risk adverse decisions.