21802117_mlThe Reilly International Group Ltd. is a licensed investigative consulting firm offering client certainty through investigative and intelligence and risk assessment services. Headquartered in New York City, we operate with integrity and discretion, providing competitively priced services that empower you to make informed decisions to reduce risk and avoid problem transactions and costly litigation.

If you are in need of information, we will tailor an investigative plan for your approval, make inquiries, and report critical facts to enable you to respond appropriately in corporate and or personal matters. When financial wrongdoing is suspected, we will conduct a forensic investigation to detect whether fraudulent activity has occurred. If so, we will identify culpability, evaluate losses, and attempt to recover assets. In the event of a corporate crisis endangering reputation and assets, we will help mitigate damages, collect evidence, analyze vulnerability to reoccurrences, and recommend preventative measures. We will then work with you to ensure that operations return to business as usual to maintain the confidence of employees, investors, insurers, and suppliers.


U.S. corporate fraud scandals and legislated requirements for corporate self-governance have mandated corporate directors ensure effective responses to allegations of fraud. Effective corporate investigations must be conducted in a fashion that builds credibility with regulators, shareholders, employees, customers, and the media. We have extensive experience investigating corporate issues.

We have as well extensive experience assisting individual clients in their important financial and personal matters and our investigative findings have enabled them to make informed decisions.


In today’s business marketplace, executives must remain cautious, demonstrate compliance with new laws and regulations, and manage bureaucracy while still maintaining their competitive and entrepreneurial edge. They also must know with whom they are dealing before making critical business decisions. Consequently, they need someone to provide the intelligence and risk assessment research that they and or their associates do not have the time or capacity to conduct. Most importantly, they need their pre-transactional inquiries to be in the hands of objective third-party specialists they can trust who provide the benefits of an in-house research department without the costs and liabilities of maintaining one.

Individuals also require intelligence and risk assessment research in their personal lives and we have successfully assisted our clients when facing a myriad of complex decisions by providing them with informative research helping them make more successful risk adverse decisions.