Investigative Case Studies

Employee $1.1m credit card embezzlement

Outcome: TRIG investigative findings reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation resulting in employee and boyfriend being convicted of wire […]

$31.5 Million False Fraud & Theft Allegations Against Clients

$31.5 Million False Fraud & Theft Allegations Against Clients

Outcome: Uncovered plaintiff art dealer’s international plot to deflect blame from himself by filing a $31.5 million lawsuit falsely implicating defendants […]

$650,000 Theft at Columbia University Fraternity And Conviction of It’s Former Board President

The Board of St. Anthony Hall, a Columbia University chapter of an elitist secretive “Wasp” fraternity listing famous alumni members […]

$6.9 Million Securities Fraud

Outcome: Broker sentenced to two years imprisonment and forfeiture of misappropriated assets

An investigator contacted us to assist her clients, a […]