Outcome: Disclosed Plaintiff’s Criminal History; Lawsuit Dismissed

The Maury Povich show was sued for negligence by plaintiff teenager appearing on its program themed “out-of-control teens”. Plaintiff alleged in her lawsuit and to police that she had been raped by program’s limo driver. We discovered plaintiff had previously been arrested for filing a false police report charging rape and that her mother, who accompanied plaintiff while filming the program, had a history of theft, trespass, issuing bad checks, drug trafficking, and armed robbery. Police suspected mother of pimping out her daughter into prostitution and using her to sell drugs. In another criminal matter, plaintiff’s mother filed false charges against an individual for sexual relations with her daughter, then solicited $10,000 from defendant’s father to drop charges. Our findings were reported to client, the police and the Court. Police investigation was closed and the $25 million lawsuit was dismissed.