Identify. Investigate. Report

In today’s business marketplace, executives must remain cautious, demonstrate compliance with new laws and regulations, and manage bureaucracy while still maintaining their competitive and entrepreneurial edge. They also must know with whom they are dealing before making critical business decisions.  Consequently, they need someone to provide the research that they and or their associates do not have the time or capacity to conduct. Most importantly, they need their transactional requirements to be in the hands of objective third-party specialists they can trust who provide the benefits of an in-house research department without the costs and liabilities of maintaining one.

By gathering accurate and timely corporate intelligence concerning reputation and financial standing, we can help protect you from potential problem transactions with entities having reputations for misrepresentation, fraud, waste, and abuse. Because you are seeking answers to protect or positively impact your bottom line, our services are solution-oriented and can be seamlessly integrated into your management decisions.

Conducting business in today’s dynamic marketplace leaves little time for evaluation of business risk. Our employee and vendor background inquiries enable you to choose the most reliable candidates and vendors.

When experiencing workplace threats, violence or other disruptive events, our associates will collaborate with you in responding appropriately. While the majority of our work is conducted domestically, we frequently assists clients in managing their overseas business risks inherent with subcontracting and partnering.


Most of the time people are who they say they are. However, how do you protect yourself from deceit and distortion when a potential business partner leaves out critical information? By discreetly reviewing public records, print media, the Internet, company documents, and accessing information sources we will verify credentials, reputation, and confirm the accuracy of disclosures.

When you need to evaluate potential strategic alliances, we will develop financial and operating profiles of companies, including owners, key personnel, subsidiaries, and affiliates. Such inquiries can at times uncover fraud, relationships undermining client objectives, liabilities, conflicts of interest, and or a history of inappropriate activities. We can also conduct assessments of potential business partners to evaluate their ability to meet obligations. Fortified with our findings, you will be better prepared to decide whether a deal should proceed, be cancelled, or renegotiated from a position of maximum strength. Let us bring transparency to a proposal. Retain us as your “second set of eyes” to provide you with qualified independent due diligence.

The need for Competitive Intelligence, the collection and analysis of competitor business information, has become a prerequisite to successful business growth and development. Corporate decision-makers need to have reliable, accurate, and timely information for a competitive edge. By creatively collecting information without violating intellectual property laws, we can bring clarity to opaque competitor business movements through the analysis of their activities thereby empowering you to make savvy business decisions.
Our rigorous employee and vendor background inquiries are designed to mitigate risk by verifying background information and identifying false or missing information. Employer failure to identify potential problems or to comply with current employment hiring standards can be costly. Employers in violations of these standards can be held liable for willful or negligent noncompliance, for punitive damages as well as criminal penalties, and for paying applicant legal fees. All our inquiries adhere to the requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).
Crisis management contingency plans ensure your corporate personnel, reputation, brand, and assets are protected by proper responses to allegations of sexual harassment, threats, extortion, product tampering, sabotage, bomb threats or bombings, kidnappings, natural disasters, anonymous letters, deaths, etc. We can advise you in selecting a Crisis Management Team and in formulating a robust crisis strategy plan. Whether it is designing a preventative strategy plan to combat a particular potential crisis or planning media responses, we are available to help you protect your assets.
We can investigate allegations of workplace threats and or harassment from disgruntled or former employees, from dissatisfied clients, or from politically or socially motivated individuals or action groups. When situations involve anonymous written threats or harassment, sometimes the underlying issues in document review require the analysis of content to identify authorship and or intent, which can range from whistle-blowing to public disinformation to blackmail attempts. Our behavioral science associates conduct personality profiles through handwriting and linguistic content analysis to assist in the identification of potential suspects, their likelihood of culpability, immediacy and degree of threat, and their potential for further negative behavior.

If an employee claims to be a victim of a threat and or harassment, we will offer safety suggestions for both the victim employee and employer. Our associates will assess dangers and make recommendations if a threat and or harassment action requires the intervention of law enforcement. After a threat or an incident of harassment and or violence, we can provide professional trauma experts to help your employees.

Employee substance abuse results in work related accidents and theft, property damage, decreased productivity, liability lawsuits and soaring healthcare costs. We can identify employee substance abuse and then provide intervention services, treatment referral, and rehabilitation center placement.